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Tengfei has evolved from being a broad-line stocking distributor to becoming a customer centric solutions provider for supply chain management and reverse logistics.  We only provide the highest level of service & quality in all orders we fulfill.

In today’s competitive business environment, leading global technology companies are constantly pressured to find new and creative solutions to reduce inventory carrying costs, drive competitive pricing models, ensure supply continuity, and minimize on-hand material positions – all while improving overall efficiency across their extended supply chain. Unfortunately, with so many variables beyond their control, more companies are turning to the independent channel for customized support of their ever-changing inventory management needs. As a leader in the independent electronics distribution industry for over 15 years, Tengfei possesses the invaluable experience these companies require when navigating the sometimes unpredictable ‘waters’ of the open market.  With so much at stake…why take chances?  Turn to Tengfei and learn why so many others depend on us to provide the highest level of Service & Quality in all orders we fulfill.

Welcome and thank you for choosing Tengfei Chip, among the Independent Distributors of electronic components serving technology companies worldwide. For over 13years,

Tengfei has been providing its customers with innovative supply chain solutions and programs that
support productivity, enhance profitability, and minimize risk exposure due to material imbalances
and unpredictable supply/demand fluctuations in the electronics distribution industry.

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